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Player: Maddie
Age: 21
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Character’s Name: Trucy Wright
Age: 16
Canon: Ace Attorney
Canon Point: The end of Dual Destinies.
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Orientation: In canon, the only indication you really get is Trucy seeming to have a crush on Klavier Gavin, buying all the Gavinners merchandise and proclaiming him a "rock god". Because of this, I’d say her interest is primarily in men, although she’s more at the age where it’s harmless crushes.

History: Wright this way.
Appearance: Trucy has a very interesting choice in wardrobe, considering she’s a magician. She has short brown hair and blue eyes, and is very rarely seen without her top hat and magician’s cape. The only time you see her without the hat is when she has Mr Hat with her (the name says it all), and then you can see two little antenna-like pieces of hair that somewhat mimic Apollo’s.


Trucy is enthusiastic, good-natured and cheerful 99% of the time. She can also be a little eccentric, especially with her ideas and suggestions. And especially when she brings Mr Hat out. Or… her Magic Panties. She’s only young, so she can be naïve sometimes too, but this doesn’t mean she’s unintelligent. In fact, Trucy is extremely perceptive and often catches things that Apollo doesn’t in court – making her a very valuable assistant. Her talent is similar to Apollo’s in that she can tell when somebody is lying or hiding something; Phoenix uses this to his advantage by bringing her along on poker nights, explaining why he has such a perfect win streak.

Orphaned at a young age, Trucy doesn’t tend to show her sadness about her real parents being gone. Phoenix mentions that he is the only person who knows how Trucy truly feels about it. It’s clear that, despite what’s happened, Trucy loves Phoenix very much and does whatever she can to support him. As such, she hides her sadness as best she can, but this doesn’t always work. During the last case in Apollo Justice, she works out before Apollo does that her father is dead and seems to take it well enough, but it’s obvious that it’s still something she hasn’t completely gotten over.

Trucy can also be mischievous. This is evident when she uses her puppet, Mr Hat, to stage a distraction during court, pretending she is being held hostage to buy Apollo more time to win the case. When she was younger, she used Mr Hat to disguise herself as an adult. Her Magic Panties are another part of her magic act, and she seems generally unfazed by everyone’s reaction to them when she mentions them. In Dual Destinies, she even uses throwing knives to stop a witness getting away, worryingly enough. (Phoenix is understandably worried too.)

She takes being a magician very seriously, going so far as to not tell Apollo how a magic act worked during an important case because “it’s against the rules”. Funnily enough, Apollo seems triumphant when he gets Trucy to admit that she’s only “sort of” a magician. Being a magician is an integral part of Trucy’s identity, and something she clings to because of her past and her real parents.

While she doesn’t know the entire truth – that her mother is actually alive as the amnesiac Lamiroir and Apollo is her half-brother – her relationship with Apollo becomes an important one regardless. Calling him Polly, Trucy and Apollo act very much like siblings, with Trucy constantly cajoling and encouraging him. They banter and trade snarky commentary much like siblings too, but Trucy obviously cares about him a lot; when he takes a leave of absence during Dual Destinies, she’s clearly upset.

Her relationship with her adoptive father, Phoenix Wright, is perhaps her most defining one. Adopting her as a child, Phoenix helps Trucy grow up in a (relatively normal) (… actually not that normal) household. Even though Phoenix has been disbarred and works as a poker dealer and piano player, Trucy loves him and supports him, and together they seem to mostly make it through on whatever they’re earning. (To buy Gavinners merchandise, Trucy explains she got an advance on thirty years worth of her allowance. No big deal.)

Trucy generally gets along with most people, having a number of friends including Detective Ema Skye, Klavier Gavin and, during Dual Destinies, Athena Cykes, Pearl Fey and Jinxie Tenma. She’s a regular at Guy Eldoon’s noodle stand and loves to order extra spicy curry just to make sure it’s spicy. She’s a bright and happy teenager who’s content with her lot in life despite what may have happened in the past. And she’s always ready to offer cookies from her Magic Panties.

Abilities: Trucy has an ability similar to Apollo’s in that she can “perceive” and read the body language of other people to find out if they’re lying or hiding something. Her talent for it is not as strong as Apollo’s, as she does not use a bracelet or anything of the like to aid her. For Trucy, it seems to be more of a latent ability, so it’s possible it would stay in Holly Heights – but either way is fine with me.

First Person:

Ahem… excuse me! If I could have your attention, please! [ at first, it appears as though there’s only a young girl on the screen, but look away for a second and you’ll find that’s not the case. now, there is a large puppet next to her, wearing her top hat. ]

We’re in a bit of a pickle! [ that comes from the puppet. ] You see, this is certainly not where we were this morning.

Nope, not at all. I was minding my own business, working on my next trick for the magic show, since daddy keeps saying I shouldn’t always use the Magic Panties –

And the next! [ the puppet tips its hat. ] We end up here. Quite the conundrum, don’t you think?

I agree! [ Trucy winks at the camera. ] But introductions are important too, so…

Ah yes! I am the Amazing Mr Hat, and this is my dahling assistant Trucy.

Don’t listen to him! [ Trucy leans in, whispering conspiratorially. ] He’s gotten a big head since his success at the Wonder Bar. Oh – but really, if you know where this place is, I’d actually like to know!

Third Person:

Adjusting to this new life isn’t too hard for Trucy. After all, she knows her daddy can be slack sometimes and he doesn’t always have a good concept of time management, so she’s sure he’ll turn up eventually. And then she can say daddy, you’re late! with a tear or two for extra effect, and then maybe he’ll feel guilty enough to raise her allowance.

And Polly – well. Trucy figures it’s more than likely he’ll have a panic attack and freak out over all the little details of inter-dimensional kidnapping, so perhaps it’s best he’s not here. He’s had a rough time lately; Trucy doesn’t want to see him dead of heart failure at twenty-three.

Everyone else, Trucy knows she can regale with stories when she finally goes back. People have said nobody knows when or how people will go back, or even if you’d remember once you went back, but she has faith. She doesn’t want all her magician practice to go to waste; in her opinion, Mr Hat has really hit his stride here.

It’s easier to forget, here. Everything that went on back home. Being held hostage by Prosecutor Blackquill’s scary sister, and Polly losing his best friend. And the year before, the case that dredged up all those memories… it’s best to push that aside on a day to day basis. That’s always been Trucy’s philosophy. Some things aren’t worth being hurt by over and over. Maybe no one else understands that, but she knows her daddy does, and that’s what counts. And when he finally gets here – whenever that’ll be – she knows he’ll understand why she’s been happy here. That has to be enough to keep her going, for now.